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We think it's time you met the Family...

Next Door Cellars is the retail contingent of Queensland's largest craft beer bar, Archive Beer Boutique. Here, we introduce you to some of our staff members and their favourite craft beers. Names may or may not have been changed to protect their identities. Actually, no they weren't, they secretly all want to be famous.


Best Quote

"Yes, I use sculpting chut-ney, and when I am done with my chut-ney, back in the row it goes." Schmidt


My Beer:


Jack Hammer IPA


Dat Jackhammer IPA. Wow, very hops, such bitter, wow. Of all the big beers that Brewdog brew, this is an absolute masterpiece. Packed full of hops, you are first given a tasty grapefruit aroma, followed up with a blast of hop bitterness that hits you in the nuts like an angry teenager. Also at 7.2%, it makes me forget how alone I am.





Greatest achievement 2014?

Graduating from my Bachelor of Music (Classical Violin). I found beer helped me through a lot of the research writing aspects. 


My Beer:




In true Aussie girl form, my first taste of beer was a XXXX Gold with a splash of lemonade. My tastebuds have since developed. The Mornington Brown has become my go to beer. Why not skip dessert and have a beer? It bursts with delicious English ale malts, mimicking the flavour of raisins, toffee, brown sugar and slight hints of chocolate. More flavour, more style, a little more than just a great Aussie brew.





If I Could Be any Animal?

A chimpanzee. The perfect combination of funny animal video likelihood verses scary as all hell in real life.


My Beer:

Six String



This beer is a delightful balance of fruity hops and sweet malt.The two have come together in such a cohesion that if makes me wonder if maybe Barack and Vlad had sat down for a drink of this together, they could solve their differences. Certainly the dark red IPA has joined together two forces of punchy fruit hops and a sweet mellow malt, with a nice lasting hopping bitterness.





A Change in Seasons:

Winter is coming. Except to Australia where winter is non exist and summer is a 12 month season.


My Beer:


Sly Fox


While temperatures sky rocket, so does the need for an ice cold beer. If there's one place I like to enjoy a coldie its on the beach at Burleigh, catching some rays and some 3-footers. My favourite beer to wash down my fish and chips is a Feral Sly Fox. Stay sly and slip, slop, slap slurp.





A Cobber's Life:

Im not afraid to say it, I love beers and I LOVE COCKTAILS! And on my days off, I don't mind catching up with these two friends, after all, they mix well with a crowd!


My Beer:

Moon Dog

Black Lung IV


Thick black and smokey, what else could you want?
Its smooth to taste thanks to the Oak barrels its aged in but powerful thanks to the full flavored malt driven stout, which lies within.





3 Loves:

1) Ultimate Disc 2) Beer 3) The Wifey (Tip to young players: Always put her in your list of loves or else)


My Beer:

Great Divide Brewing
Yeti Imperial stout


Fierce, lithe and powerful. I love nothing more to combine my loves. After downing a yeti and playing disc or seeing the wife, lets just say they get Yetied. With a nose of gorgeously roasted malts and ground coffee. This chocolate combined with the coffee leaves a delightful bitterness on the tongue. A viscous dark liquid of the gods.





I would be Motorhome Barbie.  Motorhome Barbie gets to be on a constant vacation with a changing scenery whenever she pleases.  

My Beer:


Ginger Beer


With Spice Up Your Life stuck in my head since the first Brookvale Ginger Beer I tried over a year ago I cannot go past it, it now sings to me.On a prefect (warm) QLD day when the need for a refreshing drink goes from a round the world slushie to an alcoholic beverage, this is where I start.




Men's Meals:

There's food. Then there's Mans food. I like exceptional food and beer with bold flavors. But when you combine the two and the flavours are enhanced in both elements, that is when you know youve nailed it.  

My Beer:

Harviestoun Ola Dubh 21


To be honest, the moment I looked over the steaming kitchen pass and saw Khal Drogo enjoying an Ola Dub 21, I knew, I needed to try that beer.
He reminded me of myself at 21, strapping, hair past my shoulders and surrounded by women.Wow, was he on to something. Truly an amazing beer.




Life Happiness:

Some people complicate life too much! Surround yourself with good food, great beverages, and the very best of people, and the rest will take care of itself!  

My Beer:




Ill never forget the first time someone threw one of these babies in my face. My first glass was like a midget in a ball gown - short but elegant - and have been drinking them by the gallon ever since! Leaving it out of the fridge for ten to fifteen minutes before sipping on this gorgeous specimen brings out all of the chocolate, caramel and coffee flavours created from the several malts!




Mammy Mayhem:

If I won the lotto-
I would take my mother on the trip of a lifetime. From shark diving to the worlds tallest roller coaster, every second would be absolutely hilarious.

My Beer:


Cloudy Cider


I picked this cider because it's perfectly balanced and a delight to drink. With 3 1/2 apples in every bottle, Batlow Cloudy will have you well on the way to your 5 a day- At least when you're Irish. This easy drinking cider is delicious and, like potatoes, can be enjoyed with any meal of the day.




Man Crush:

Brad Pitt. If you havent seen Brad Pitt in Legends Of The Fall, you really havent seen true beauty. It's like looking into Jesse Hampels eyes.  

My Beer:


St Rogue Red Ale


A lot of people would say a Red Ale? Really? to that I say. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes... get out it's too delicious for you!. Aromatic and delectable, this brews combination of sweet malt characters and punchy dry hops showcase what a new age Red Ale should be. When foraging in the cold to plunder and pillage the bottle shop my Viking blood keeps me warm but this beer keeps me warmer. I thank father Odin every day for it's presence.




Animal Aspirations:

Q. If you could be any animal what would it be?

A. A duck. I could follow the warm weather and people would feed me bread.


My Beer:

Brew Dog

Punk IPA


This one gets my pick for the following reasons...1. Minimal risk of transportation damage during my bike ride home 2. Shotgunning & Skullcrushing come with great ease 3. Fits in with my 'classy bogan' image I strive to uphold 4. It's god damn delicious, goes down a treat and is nicely balanced on all fronts 5. Blue is pretty




Moonlighting Mexican:

By day I own a Mexican QSR franchise, so between burrito slinging and craft beer pouring I get to enjoy both of these.  

My Beer:

Cavalier Beer

Brown Ale

  This was the first beer I drank at Archive. My girlfriend and I were there for lunch and I was overwhelmed by the taps as most craft rookies are but after a recommendation from the bartender, I chose the Cav Brown
After a heated discussion with my girlfriend about who would get a job at Archive, I enjoyed a couple of Cavalier Browns and some Buffalo Wings and a year later ended up working at Archive!



Goal in Life:

To earn enough money to firstly, have enough beer for the rest of my life and secondly, hire Morgan Freeman to read me bedtime stories after I drink all my beers.  

My Beer:

North Coast Brewing

Old Rasputin

  A lot of beers come and go at Archive but this has stayed through them all and is my all time favourite. No infections or luxurious fruit added to this beer. Just a good ol' boozy 9% Imperial Stout. Big chocolate flavours with a hint of coffee that only gets richer and more delicious as it warms up! "A sincere friend is not born instantly."  



My 1st Album:

Backstreets Back by the Backstreet Boys. You should come around and listen some time, it's still in my 6 stacker!  

My Beer:


Dead Pony Club

  This beer is a brewing masterpiece. Usually mid strengths lack flavour and body. However, Dead Pony Club has a lovely light floral hop which is complemeted by the full bodied crystal malt. Being a mid strength I can have like a dozen of these bad boys and still drive my girlfriends car home after winning table tennis, or pool comp, or both!