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Why is a Beard So Good For Craft Beer?

Posted by Nic Turnbull on 17 September 2014
Why is a Beard So Good For Craft Beer?

Beards and beers go hand in hand, a community within a culture.

Walk into any craft beer bar and chances are high that the gorgeous man serving your favourite brew is sporting some form of magnificent facial hair. Whilst there are still some people who view beards and craft beer as ‘hipster trends’, a passing fad of Generation Y, the truth is that for those amongst us who truly love both their beards and their beers, neither will ever die. Bearded groups are forming thick and fast these days (much like their members faces) with the majority of catch-ups being held in the most delicious of beer drinking locations. One such group, “The Brisbane Bearded Bandits”, host regular catch ups in bars and parks around Brisbane, with the aim to meet and hang out with likeminded bearded folk, and consume delicious ales. With almost 700 members, the group contains all sorts from all walks of life, from IPA lovers, to those (myself included) who are quite fond of a quality porter.

It was only a matter of time before the delectable nature of the two came together in an unholy matrimony. In 2013, a wild yeast extracted from a brewer’s bushy mane (the one John Maier) with the same beard growth for over 30 years, and in excess of 15000 brews under their brewers apron and used in the creation of the world’s first ‘beard brew’. The result was an ale somewhere between a Belgian tripel and a Belgian pale, with a fruity aroma without a strong presence from either hops or malt, allowing the star of the beer, the yeast, the room needed to shine through. While it may be awfully difficult to get your hands on one of Rogue’s ‘Beard Beer’ these days, the story behind it will forever remain one of pioneering in both the worlds of beers and beards.

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Author: Nic Turnbull
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