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What do beer and Batman have in common?

Posted by Shelby Waugh on 20 February 2015
What do beer and Batman have in common?

Ever wondered what superheroes do after a long, hard night of fighting crime?

Would they go straight to bed in an attempt to get enough sleep for their mild-mannered alter ego? Would they sit in front of their super computer waiting for the next super villain plot to unfold? Or would they simply sit back and relax with a big, cold beer after a hard night of fighting crime?

Just like every beer, every hero is different. Some are dark, some are airy and some are a little loopy

So, if the caped crusaders of DC and Marvel Comics went to Next Door Cellars, what would they drink?

Batman would drink lager; dark and intense with a hint of sass. He'd definitely reach for a Murray's Rudeboy to relax after foiling the Joker's latest plot.

DC Comics' golden boy, Superman, would be golden ale; light, malty, but with a hoppy finish. His post-Lex Luthor drink would be a Bridge Road Golden Ale.

Wonder Woman would go for a cider after an intense battle with Ares; a good blend of sweetness and dry, she would drink Hill Apple Cider.

The Hulk is a powerful guy! So of course he'd need a powerful drink! If he could avoid accidently Hulk Smashing the bottle, he'd be a North Coast Old Rasputin kind of guy.

And Captain America? Well, unfortunately Captain America doesn't drink. It's a little hard to relax with a beer when the serum that made you a superhero also doesn't let you feel the effects of alcohol!

Next time you're kicking back after a hard day with your favourite brew, just remember that even though they're super, your favourite heroes would probably do the same!

Author: Shelby Waugh
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