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Craft Beer Extremists Takeover...

Posted by Nic Turnbull on 8 September 2014
Craft Beer Extremists Takeover...

Armakeggon 2014

What would you be doing if you knew the Epic Apocalypse was on it’s way? Would you be calling all of your buddy’s to tell them that “Mine is bigger than yours”?? Play pass the parcel with a Ridgey Didge group of ducks? Ask General Jackson, Why Can’t IBU? Listen to your favourite Backstreet Boys album 777 times on repeat? Or like so many others, begin Operation Paralysis and find yourself consuming the very best of beverages before we all turned into Dark Matter?!

While September 14th may not bring upon the end of the world, for those who enjoy the most delicious craft beers and ciders, the annual Archive beer fest more affectionately known as ARMAKEGGON is back! With over 50 extreme local and imported Unexploded Bombs being poured throughout the day, if by chance a Watermelon Warhead does drop come Monday morning, you’ll be guaranteed to have gone out Comfortably Numb (and we’ll Provide the Corn Chips!).

Some of Brisbane’s most talented musicians will be playing throughout the day, taking you on a musical journey the Space Frontier, with sounds that will leave you feeling Superfuzzy.

To top it all off our very own ‘Viking Lord of Operations’ Mitchell has given the guys from Green Beacon Brewing a hand in creating a hoptastic brew, you’ll be sailing the Seven Seas in an attempt to get your hands on more! You’d have to be Dangerously close to stupid to miss out!

Pre-sale Tickets are available at: for $30 each AND include 10 drink tickets to get you started on the day.

For more info and for complete list of beers available on the day, check out the Facebook event: 

Author: Nic Turnbull
About: A recent addition to the Archive Beer Boutique family, Nic brings an amazing ability to turn his craft beer knowledge into great prose... expect to hear more from him and frequently.
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