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Are you a Craftie?

Posted by Shelby Waugh on 9 March 2015
Are you a Craftie?

Ah, the Craftie. The beer hipster. The hoppy indie kid. Whatever you want to call it, the craft beer culture is growing without an end in sight and there are plenty of fans willing to taste test that new unnamed beer. Those delicious hops aren't going to drink themselves after all!

But if you ever catch yourself having to justify yourself to your best mate or your significant other ("I have to drive to this SPECIFIC Bottle Shop because only they have this SPECIFIC beer"), you may have drifted into Craftie territory.

In order to help you determine whether you need to start growing an epic beard and drinking your hops out of specialised beer glasses, we've put together a check list to tell you! Enter, the Craftie Check List.

  1. You get annoyed when your Facebook friends tag or share posts from mainstream beer companies or bars that don't serve craft beer. People might actually think you like VB. How embarrassing!
  2. You judge people who go to the small BWS down the road.
  3. Several of your friends are bartenders at hole-in-the-wall bars, and at least one of them frequently says things along the lines of "Beer is the new wine."
  4. You get angry with your friend's favourite bar when they don't know what an IPA is.
  5. There is rarely a brunch conversation go by where you don't bring up the lack of variety of beer in the "mainstream" bars.
  6. You're "the beer guy" in your group of friends
  7. You have a Cellar Alliance subscription, but can't afford basic groceries
  8. When you order food you ask what the accompanying beer is
  9. You're concerned about whether your beer is gluten free
  10. You consider yourself a "beer enthusiast"
Author: Shelby Waugh
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